Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Suddenly one day I realized that I am living in the city of "No Ones' " actually...I remember when I was a kid and lived in a smaller city,there use to be a culture of meeting "somebody",because they do "something" , they lived "somewhere" and above all ...because they knew "somebody"...

I see today, as I grew up..and found myself in a bigger city. To their own sphere, every body is "Some Body",still they are "No Ones' "...They are beautiful and handsome people,following someone more beautiful or handsome than they are. They are rich ,trying to keep in touch with someone Richer. They do have big-luxurious houses but search for a society with lavish outlooks. They have excessive money, yet they want more than that... !

I wonder...whether in my old days, I had bigger acquaintances or these are the actual superior people who I know today..or say...is it because I just moved to the city of "No Ones' "..?

Monday, January 31, 2011


The fear of the our Past and the fear of the our Futures...

First, 'coz we never cared and the second..who cares?

Its a difficult to define...a picture unclear ,

It is Love..It is Life..It is Luck..It is FEAR !!